Loyalty Card Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Tori’s Trinkets Loyalty Card

✿ Here's the backstage pass to the fun ✿

1. Rack up points by treating yourself with the card. These cards only work for earring purchases. Buy 8 Pairs, get 1 FREE!

2. Just remember, the card is the golden ticket for this show! I cannot redeem your rewards without this card present. Hold onto that card tight! If it goes missing, so might your hard-earned points.

3. These Point Expire 1 Year from Issue Date.

4. Break the rules, face the music! Any funny business and we will have issues. I am a small business and I want to reward you for your loyalty, but cheating will not be tolerated.


We cherish your loyalty and can't wait to sprinkle some rewards your way. Questions? Contact me at shoptoristrinkets@gmail.com. Thanks for being the loyal superstar in our loyalty program!