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Mirrorball Earrings

Mirrorball Earrings

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These earrings are a fun and lightweight accessory that can add a touch of glamour to any outfit. 

Disco ball earrings are a fun and unique accessory that can add a touch of glamour to any outfit. These earrings resemble the iconic disco ball that is a staple of dance floors everywhere.

Because of their playful and bold design, disco ball earrings are a popular choice for parties, concerts, and other events where you want to stand out and make a statement. They also make a great gift for anyone who loves bold, fun jewelry.

Whether you're a fan of disco music or just love the sparkly, glamorous look of these earrings, they're sure to add a touch of fun and excitement to any outfit. So why not add a pair to your jewelry collection today and see how they can elevate your style?

Product Details

Drop length ~1.5''

Fastened with stainless steel, nickel free earring attachment

Fully enclosed clip for maximum security

Can be switched out to fish hook upon request!

Each pair is hand made with care ♡

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